Tuesday, August 11, 2009

State of Illinois House of Representatives Elementary Education Committee

We need to start contacting the Illinois House of Representatives Elementary Education Committee. Below is a complete list of those people who can help us move our bill from an idea to a law. If you can help us contact these elected officials, please email me. I'll help you pull together your letter.


Role Representative Party
Chairperson : Michael K. Smith D
Vice-Chairperson : Fred Crespo D
Republican Spokesperson : Jerry L. Mitchell R
Member: Suzanne Bassi R
Member: John D. Cavaletto R
Member: Marlow H. Colvin D
Member: Monique D. Davis D
Member: Lisa M. Dugan D
Member: Roger L. Eddy R
Member: Robert F. Flider D
Member: Paul D. Froehlich D
Member: Esther Golar D
Member: David E. Miller D
Member: Harry Osterman D
Member: Sandra M. Pihos R
Member: Robert W. Pritchard R
Member: David Reis R
Member: Darlene J. Senger R
Member: Jim Watson R
Member: Karen A. Yarbrough D

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