Monday, August 17, 2009

You Are the Key

Thank you to everyone who is contacting your elected officials. Here's the thing about trying to pass a law. Elected officials only care about what their constituents think. Since I cannot vote for your Illinois State Representative or Senator, a note from me doesn't mean a thing.

A note from you, however, can push us over the edge. You are the key to our success.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

State of Illinois House of Representatives Elementary Education Committee

We need to start contacting the Illinois House of Representatives Elementary Education Committee. Below is a complete list of those people who can help us move our bill from an idea to a law. If you can help us contact these elected officials, please email me. I'll help you pull together your letter.

Role Representative Party
Chairperson : Michael K. Smith D
Vice-Chairperson : Fred Crespo D
Republican Spokesperson : Jerry L. Mitchell R
Member: Suzanne Bassi R
Member: John D. Cavaletto R
Member: Marlow H. Colvin D
Member: Monique D. Davis D
Member: Lisa M. Dugan D
Member: Roger L. Eddy R
Member: Robert F. Flider D
Member: Paul D. Froehlich D
Member: Esther Golar D
Member: David E. Miller D
Member: Harry Osterman D
Member: Sandra M. Pihos R
Member: Robert W. Pritchard R
Member: David Reis R
Member: Darlene J. Senger R
Member: Jim Watson R
Member: Karen A. Yarbrough D

Friday, August 7, 2009

Seeking 70s Clothing

Are you going to the Illinois Organization Of Mother Of Twins Clubs convention in October? We'll be there exhibiting on Saturday, October 17. Stop by to learn more about the Illinois Twins Law effort and how you can help.

Now, if we can just find some clothes to fit with the 1970s theme...