Monday, June 15, 2009

We need your stories

We're starting to speak with Illinois legislators. Many of them are asking about what is happening in their districts. We need to hear your stories about your multiples in school.

Was the school administration supportive? Did you run into obstacles? If so, how did you overcome the obstacles? Or did you overcome the obstacles?

Please send your stories to Shari at slcs48n1 at Please let me know where you live so I can keep track of which elected officials represent your district.

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  1. Shari,
    I have triplets that are entering kindergarten in the fall. I have requested, in writing, that my triplets be kept together. My request is being honored for the kindergarten year because the school doesn't know my children yet and they trust my decision. Okay, so after kindergarten will i not be trustworthy? My experience has brought me to realize that schools are not educated on reasons that are benifical in keeping multiples together. I have asked several teachers and not one could give me a reason why they wouldn't want multiples to be in their class togther. If fact, i have had a few teachers tell me to keep them together for my own sanity. This isn't about my sanity, i lost that the first year the trips were born. We will see how kindergarten goes keeping them together. I am keeping the decision open for future grades. i will take one step at a time. Parents know their children best. i instinctually want to follow my heart and keep my triplets together throughout school. In reality i want what is best for them. i want to be able to make that educated decision regarding MY children that i know so well.